Best Ball Strategies and Players to Target

Best Ball strategies

The NFL season is drawing near, yet it’s still too early to start drafting your season long teams. What can you do in the meantime to satisfy your thirst for Fantasy Football? Look no further than joining in a  Best Ball league or two!

So what is Best Ball? Best Ball takes the best part of Fantasy Football, drafting a team, and makes it the sole contributor as to how your team scores during the season. But what do I mean by that? Well,  typically in a Best Ball format, there are 18 rounds in the draft, and each week you start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, and one Flex. So what’s the kicker here? What makes Best Ball different that every other fantasy league? In a Best Ball format, the platform on which you play on automatically “starts” your best scoring players in each position at the end of the week. That’s right, no roster management! Just draft your team and forget about it the rest of the season. Best Ball is a relatively new way to play fantasy, therefore a lot of Fantasy players have trouble with selecting who to pick, and how to fill out their roster. In this article I will be going position by position, explaining who to pick, how many players to pick in each position, and why this is the optimal way to play. 


QB- QB is undoubtedly the easiest position to draft in best Ball. The late QB approach is the way to go, as you want your earlier picks to be skill players, as having solid depth in best Ball is imperative to success. You want to draft 2 QBs. No more, no less. The two QB approach is the optimal way to go, as on any given week, you are likely to score just fine as one of your two QBs should give you at worst a decent performance. Look to draft one QB with a high floor such as Jackson, Rivers, Brady, and Dalton, and draft one QB whom is capable of big boom games such as Cousins, Allen, Darnold, and Winston.

RB- Best Ball gets tricky when talking about RBs and WRs. It’s almost impossible to get great players at every position in a 12 team best ball league, as players tend to wait on QBs even more. Drafting a solid RB core is impartitive, as players at this position are likely to get injured throughout the season. You want to draft 5-6 RBs, all of which whom will get on the field every game they are healthy. Players such as Ekeler, Royce Freeman, Richard, and Penny will all have great games this season, yet they will be almost impossible to start in a normal redraft league, because they are the RB 2 on their NFL team, so their boom games can be nearly impossible to predict. The beauty of Best Ball however is you don’t need to predict these boom games. When they have them, they will automatically start in your lineup. 

WR- The next polarizing position in Best Ball is WR. Perhaps the most important as you will likely be starting 3 every week, plus possibly filling out your Flex with one as well. You want to go heavy on WR, drafting 8-9 on your team. If possible, draft at least one stud whom you are confident will start for you every week. This way, you only have to worry about your remaining 7 WRs to have two good games between them. Players such as D-Jax, Jeffery, Mike Williams, and Tyrell Williams are ideal late-mid round WR targets, as they can be inconsistent, but all have shown to produce massive Fantasy weeks. It’s also worth noting to have a guy such as Tate, Sanu, and Edelman to provide you with a solid floor each week in the mid-late rounds, as you can’t rely on all your guys to boom every week. 

TE- lastly we have the TE slot. There are a few ways you can approach this, but you should always draft 2. You can grab a stud such as Kelce, Ertz, or Kittle or you can wait and go mid-late round players. In a Best Ball 12 team league I suggest you wait for the mid-late rounds to select your TEs, as you will want to have as much depth as possible at RB and WR to prepare for injury and give you more starting potential. Look for players such as Engram, Doyle, Burton, and Walker whom can provide you with a relatively safe floor and a decent ceiling. 


Hopefully this article makes Best Ball a little less intimidating. As a final tip, make sure to keep an eye out for bye weeks! If your QBs or TEs have the same bye weeks, you just screwed yourself out of a lot of points!